Marketing and Communications Resources

Here you'll find a collection of marketing and communications materials being used to engage adults with prior college credit. Please contact us if you have materials you would like to submit for inclusion.

Georgia has a statewide campaign targeting adults with prior college credit to return and complete their degrees. The campaign includes billboard ads, radio spots and other media. Samples of the billboard campaign are below.

Billboard Ads:


Minnesota has launched the GraduateMinnesota.org website that includes examples of their radio campaign targeting adults with prior college credit. View the website by clicking here.

West Virginia's DegreeNow: This statewide effort to boost adult degree completion has created a variety of marketing and communications materials. Importantly, the project has created materials aimed at adult learners themselves, as well as focusing on reaching policymakers, state leaders, and other stakeholders who are crucial to the ultimate success of the effort.

Externally-Focused materials:

Internally-Focused Materials: