Workforce Online Learning Information Portal

New Brunswick, NJ

This project is helping four states incorporate an online learning degree completion service mode into their workforce and education systems.


The project builds on the Workforce Online Learning Information Portal (WOLIP), an online learning portal to provide degree attainment to Workforce Investment Act (WIA) clients. States will identify WIA clients who are three to 12 credits away from a degree. Postsecondary training will be delivered through the Electronic Campus of the Southern Regional Education Board. The project will create new partnerships and articulation agreements with community colleges and universities to expand offerings on the existing portal that will facilitate transfer credits for WIA clients close to degree completion.

Expected Outcomes: 
  • The revamping of state workforce development systems that provide primarily short-term, workforce-driven credentialing programs so that they add degree-completion opportunities for eligible clients a few credits short of earning a degree.
  • Connection of institutions to adult students in the WIA system.
  • Reduction of the cost of education/training delivery in state workforce development systems.
  • Assistance to some 2,000 WIA-eligible dislocated workers per year in the target states so that they gain degree-completing credits.
Heather McKay
Director, Sloan Ctr. on Innovative Training & Workforce Dev.


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United States