Project Warehouse

The Project Warehouse listed projects that aimed to boost college completion among adults who had earned some college credits, but were not currently enrolled. Here, you can learn about these efforts by browsing different projects or grouping them by keyword or focus.


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Below is an alphabetical listing of projects. You can select filters to narrow the results.

The purpose of Choctaw University (Choctaw U) is to grow knowledge and skills of all associates by instilling a deeper understanding of their purpose within the organization. Participants will receive superior professional development training, build knowledge, and improve their skills to be more efficient and productive leaders.

WICHE is facilitating a learning network of organizations and agencies dedicated to improving adult college completion programs.

The Southern Regional Education Board is establishing the Adult Learner Portal as a clearinghouse of degree completion programs, supported by services and information adults can use in considering a return to college.

The Student Success Center was opened at Bainbridge College in November 2010. The Center is open to all Bainbridge College Students with a focus on Adult Learners, Career and Job Development, and Tutoring Services.

The Bachelor of Integrated Studies degree is an adult-completer degree that mainly targets students established in careers who do not need an academic credential for a new career. It also works well for students who desire a liberal arts education and for some who plan to enter graduate programs.

Jobs for the Future (JFF) is advancing a supportive state policy framework to increase adult completion rates in occupational-technical credential programs.

This effort provides a single-point-of-contact--an adult student advocate--that is available to respond quickly to nontraditional student questions, concerns, and needs on campus.

The Community College/Career Collaboration (C4) project is increasing college and career success for low-income adults by replicating community college/Goodwill partnerships in new sites. By 2014, nine Goodwill/community college partnerships will be documented and presented for replication; 60 partnerships will be actively engaged; and 18,000 individuals will have received a credential.

Complete Florida is an exciting new strategy for the state of Florida providing focus on recruiting, retaining and recovering the state’s adult learners that have stopped out of college. The Complete Florida program will give priority to veterans or active duty members of the United States Armed Forces.

West Virginia is creating an integrated statewide adult degree completion program.